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How many junior teams do you have?

St Albans Cricket Club run teams for boys and girls of all ages. We run boys teams in leagues from Under 9 to Under 19 and girls teams from Under 11 to Under 15.

Age groups are based on the age of your child on 31 August. So Under 8 equates to School Year 3, Under 9 equates to School Year 4, Under 10 equates to School Year 5 and so on.  

Do you have a minimum age?

We usually do not take children until they are in School Year 3. 

When does junior coaching take place?

We hold coaching sessions in Clarence Park for 7-15 year-olds from April to end of August. Under 8 to Under 11 boys and girls train on Friday evenings, Under 12 to Under 15 girls train on Sunday mornings and Under 12 to Under 15 boys train on Monday evenings. Girls U13 and above are also welcome to join training for the Women's XI team on Weds evenings. The timing of typical coaching sessions are set out in the following table. (Subject to change by age group managers, or COVID guidance)

Age Group  School Year  Boys Girls 
Under 8 3 Friday
Under 9 4 Friday
Under 10 5 Friday
Under 11 6 Friday
Under 12 7 Monday
Under 13 8 Monday

Under 14 9 Monday

Under 15 10 Monday
Under 16-17 11 + 12 Adult nets Adult nets
Under 19   Adult nets Adult nets 
* Training will start 30 mins earlier until mid May.
Friday coaching is planned to start on 22 April
Sunday coaching is planned to start on 24 April
Monday coaching is planned to start on 25 April

The last junior coaching sessions will be Monday 22 August, Friday 26 August, and Sunday 28 August respectively.

Do we need to stay for training?

We do ask parents to stay for Friday night training given the age of the children.  Parents are welcome to use our well stocked bar while watching the cricket. We also hold regular Friday evening BBQs.

What happens if it rains?

Cricket is unfortunately a very weather dependent sport, especially for our juniors where the safety of the children is paramount. We will watch the weather forecast and try to let people know by e-mail if training needs to be cancelled, or moved to an alternative indoor venue.

Are your coaches qualified?

All coaches are ECB Level 1 qualified or above and hold DBS clearance. We also have a number of parent helpers and are always on the lookout for more people to help.

How do I join?

At St Albans CC, we have a thriving junior section, with almost 300 children participating in outdoor cricket coaching over the summer.  The number of children we can accommodate is limited by the number of qualified coaches and coaching assistants that we have.  Consequently, places are in high demand and we have a waiting list for all age groups.

Existing members, and those who attended winter nets, will receive registration forms by email by the end of February/early March. If you haven't received your registration email by the end of March then please email

If would like to add your child to our waiting list, please complete this form

Please note it is not possible to say how long they will have to wait for a place, as we cannot predict how many spaces will become available in each age group each year.  We will contact you if we are able to offer them a place. Unfortunately children who are not on the waiting list will not normally be offered a place.

How much does it cost?

For Summer 2022, the junior membership fee will be a flat rate of £130 per child, which covers all training sessions from April through to end August. This year's membership fee includes a St Albans Cricket Club shirt, which will be available for collection at the first coaching session. There will be no match fees fir participation in Club organised junior matches.

How do I pay the membership fee?

The annual membership fee is paid via the Club website. Once we have received and processed your registration form, we will contact you with instructions on how to pay your child's membership fees. Please wait until we have contacted you before attempting to pay their membership fees.

Note, to pay the membership fee, you must be logged in to the Club website. Click on the "Pay subs" option on the top menu and select the relevant membership option in the window that appears (there should be only one available). Follow the instructions to complete your payment. 

What teams will you be running this year in Herts Junior Leagues?

We expect to run the following teams in the Herts Junior Leagues in 2021:

Age Group Format Ball Boys Girls
Under 9 8-a-side Incrediball 1 team -
Under 10 8-a-side Incrediball 1 team -
Under 10 8-a-side Hardball 1 team -
Under 11 11-a-side  Hardball  1 team -
Under 11 8-a-side  Hardball  1 team 
Under 11 8-a-side  Incrediball  - 1 team
Under 12 10-a-side Hardball 1 team -
Under 12 11-a-side Hardball 1 team -
Under 13 10-a-side
Hardball 1 team
Under 13 11-a-side
1 team
Under 13 8-a-side  Hardball - 1 team
Under 15 9-a-side  Hardball
- 1 team
Under 15 11-a-side Hardball 1 team (includes U14) -


We will also run friendly matches with other local teams, or internal matches, to ensure all players get as much match practice as possible. We also play in a selection of Cricket Festivals for younger age groups.

What is Incrediball or Windball?

Incrediball and Windball cricket uses a rubber ball rather than a proper cricket ball so it is ideal for introducing younger children to the game for the first time.

How do games work?

Games for the younger age groups are run in such a way that every child bats for at least four overs and bowls two overs each. Games take around 90 minutes. The emphasis is very much on participation for everyone whatever their skill level. From Under 11 for boys and Under 15 for girls the format changes to more traditional cricket.

Where do you play your games?

Home games are played either at Clarence Park or Verulam School Playing Fields on Sandpit Lane. Away games are played at local clubs who are normally only a short drive away.

When do you play games?

Games can either be mid-week or at the weekend depending on the age group. A full list of fixtures can be found on the website, available from the end of March.

How do I get selected?

Go on to the website and use the drop down menus to let us know whether or not your child is available. We always do our best to give everyone who has expressed an interest as many games as possible. But selection will depend on how many players are available for any particular game. So please ensure your child's availability is kept up to date on the website.

Can my child play in Senior matches?

We actively encourage our juniors to transition into senior cricket as soon as they are ready. Any players in the U14 age group and older are allowed to play in senior matches. Players younger than U14 require approval from their county coach. Please see the Senior FAQ section for details on all the men's and women's teams that the Club currently runs.