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Summer Camps

24 Jun 2021

ST ALBANS CC Summer Camps

Thank you for those who participated in the Doodle Poll. To make the summer camps work best it is better that children are with their friends or peers, and this also enables the coaches to match activities to abilities better

It is impossible to fit in with everyone’s dates, so anyone can book any dates they wish, but the poll results suggest is that the groups are best reserved as per the list below

July 26/28: Girls (any age) and Yr3/4 boys (Note we cannot use CP on the 27th as there is an u18 County match)

August 2/3: Yrs7+boys and Yr5/6 boys

August 9/10 Yr5/6 boys (+ anyone else)

The camps will be from 10am -3pm at Clarence Park. Charge is £30 per day, £50 for two days and £50 per day for 2 siblings. Bring own lunch.


For the time being make reservations to me ( We will work out a payment system soon.